About Mee

As a working mom of three girls (including twins), I know firsthand the struggle to keep everybody organized and moving.

Meebands was developed after a week of traveling with our extended family (imagine 25 people under one roof). Before we left, I had rolled the kids' outfits together and banded them with a rubber band. This is nothing revolutionary, however it made the task of finding clean outfits among the chaos much easier. Usually when we get to a destination, the suitcase opens, clothes go everywhere, and the kids will grab the first shirt and pants combination they can find. This can result in some crazy mismatched outfits, or kids yelling that they can't find clean clothes.

The rubber bands didn't quite withstand the ferociousness of the week, so I knew I needed a stronger band. I also decided that by offering different color choices, I could assign a color to each child and (hopefully) nix the sibling rivalry. I searched online and was surprised to find that there wasn't anything on the market that fit my needs.

And so... Meebands was born. :)